1. Ruffino Chianti
    Violets in bouquet and has flavors filled with plums,and raspberry
  2. Cotes Du Rhone
    soft flavors of strawberry and black currant, with a raspberry finish
  3. Murphy-Goode pinot noir California
    made from small clusters of tiny, dark berries that give it zesty black cherry chracter
  4. Rosenblum Zinfandel
    Bright berries with spicy black pepper overtones
  5. La Playa (Colchagua Valley) Merlot
    soft yet full bodied with rich cherry flavors and hint of oak vanilla
  6. Dona Paula Los Cardos Malbec
    Red color, sweet,spicy and intense aromas,with notes of red fruits and herbs,
  7. Wild Horse Cabernet Sauvignon
    A flavors of dark berries and spice.Decent acid structure with dark tannin,cherry,and raspberry
  8. Louis M Martini Cab-Sauv
    fresh,ripe flavors of black cherry, currant,and spice, with long smooth finish.
  9. William Hill Cab- Sauv
    Black cherry, dutch chocolate,currant with hints of toasted sweet oak
  10. Sterling Meritage
    Rich and well balanced, flavors of plum, raspberry,blackberry,and vanilla.
  11. Guenoc (Victorian) Claret
    Meritage blends are just a perfect marriage of several varieties, with each grape bringing out the best in each other.
  1. Louis Latour, France Chardonnay
    None Oaked wine, ripe with a variety of fruit flavors .
  2. Rodney Strong, Sonoma Chardonnay
    This crisp, delicious wine is layered with fruits.full aromas of green apple and melon with touch of butter
  3. William Hill Central Coast Chardonnay
    Bright aromas of Bartlett pear. Subtle floral note give way to flavors of quince and vanilla.
  4. Folie a Deux (Russian River ) Chardonnay
    Creamy and concentrated flavors, focus on fresh fruit peaches,apricots,and green apple.
  5. Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc California
    A complex blend of pear,apple and spice with grassy flavors and sweetness
  6. New Harbor, Marlborough New Zealand
    this Sauvignon blanc has red currant aromas, passion fruit and spearmint balanced by an intense core of lime and apple with refreshing finish.
  7. Stellina Pinot Grigio Italy
    Aromas of citrus,melon,and pear highlight the crisp flavor of this distinctive wine.
  8. Placido Pinot Grigio Italy
    Fresh and fruity aromas of pears, grapefruit and citrus,notes of ripe pear
  9. Piesporter Michelsberg Germany
    semi sweet , crisp and apricots flavors. very refreshing Riesling.
  10. Chateau Sauvion Vouvray France
    Light-bodied. A delicious wine with ripe fruits as well as a hint of sweetness
  11. Moscato d'Asti Italy
    Delicate and sweet on the palate, white peaches and jasmines flowers, light bubble
  12. Fetzer Gewurztraminer
    Crisp, fresh apple and sweet test,aromas of rose petals and honeysuckle.
  1. House Cab
  2. House Merlot
  3. House Chardonnay
  4. House white Zin
  5. Freixenet Cordon Negro Bruit 185 ml
  6. Chandon Brut 750 ml
  7. Prosecco
  8. House Champagne